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Oracle Partner's SaaS Conference

Intrasoft participated in Jordan’s Oracle Partner’s SaaS Conference that took place in Sheraton Hotel, Amman, on Wednesday the 5th of November 2014.

With more than 125 attendees from customers of all sizes and industries, the conference aimed at increasing the awareness of Oracle SaaS products for existing Oracle and none Oracle customers, and demonstrating how customers can enhance their business efficiency using Oracle SaaS model.

Several speakers introduced the latest trends in Cloud Computing with emphasis on Oracle’s position and vision, covering topics like Security, Accessibility, and Fast Deployment, in addition to available programs by Oracle to assist customers to take their SaaS decision.

As part of the event, a panel of Oracle Partners engaged in a discussion to share their experiences and upcoming plans. Mr. Nadim Kalisse, a Director in the Delivery and Advisory unit at Intrasoft, welcomed the attendees and discussed Intrasoft’s strategy and preparations to embrace the new era, highlighting the tight coordination between Intrasoft and Oracle to better serve their customers.

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