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   Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 
ERP is a comprehensive back-office system which is based around financial, supply chain, human resources, and manufacturing systems with the objective of connecting an enterprise's related parties (customers, vendors, employees, and banks) through the Internet. INTRASOFT Middle East provides its various customers from enterprises to industries with the latest ERP systems to fulfill their requirements in an efficient and effective manner in the following areas:


Financial Management

INTRASOFT Middle East provides solutions that fulfill the needs of a smooth and accurate financial system. It is a system which includes integrated business solutions designed for enterprises operating in dispersed geographical locations, in multiple currencies, and competing in time-critical markets and organizations that need to be more effective in their business operations. INTRASOFT Middle East deploys the most common, best practices which befit the client’s requirements, help in maximizing the value of a financial automated system, or both.


Supply Chain Management

INTRASOFT Middle East provides solutions to fulfill the needs of an automated supply chain management system. They include product lines that address various functional requirements across a multitude of areas including procurement, order management, warehouse management, manufacturing, product lifecycle management, maintenance, logistics, supply chain planning, and execution. All of the above enables organizations to accurately manage, efficiently control, and improve workflow.

Human Resources

We’ve all heard the saying “Our people are our most important asset”. INTRASOFT Middle East offers a human resources management system (HRMS) that puts those words to action. INTRASOFT Middle East believes that firms must develop and execute a comprehensive human capital management strategy, supported by leading technology and committed HR staff to attract, retain and engage talent in order to achieve business goals and optimize performance.


The Human Capital Management model should include programs to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of the workforce. Firms around the world are facing many business challenges today. To respond, they must transform their HR functions from predominantly administrative departments to ones that deliver workforce excellence. This is a strategy that will distinguish the best firms from the rest over the next few years.

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