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Over the years, through their extensive ERP implementation engagements, our project management professionals and ERP consultants have crafted ERP-flavored project management methodologies, practice, and professional services. In fact, INTRASOFT Middle-East project management methodologies have been built upon the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) best practices, as well as the project management methodologies of leading IT solutions providers (e.g. Oracle,  EMC2).

Our certified project management professionals and consultants can help your business by utilizing one or more our project management professional services, as follows:

§ iManage

INTRASOFT Middle-East project managers will fully manage your project to ensure that you reach your project objectives on-time, in-scope, within budget, and allow you to meet or exceed your quality requirements.

§ iAdvise

INTRASOFT IT Services Middle-East & Africa project management advisory services would be a wise choice for your business when improving bottom line performance is a requirement. To enhance your project management performance our consultants will work with you on the three key elements for project excellence: tools, processes and people.

§ iTrain

Built according to PMI’s project management best practices, the project management introductory training aims to provide your project management team and stakeholders with the opportunity of learning the project management framework, which consists of: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and formal closing.

§ iAutomate

By implementing our project management solutions (e.g. Oracle's Primavera, MS EPM), we will give you, your project managers, and schedulers the one thing you value the most: control over your projects.

§ iBuild

Implementing standard project management practices and improving projects’ successful delivery rates are two of the key reasons why you might need to build your own project management offices (PMOs). Recognizing the PMO’s strategic value, our team has pioneered a methodology for designing, implementing, and refining the practices and structure of a PMO for your business.

Over the years, our well-crafted project management practices have proved their worth and enabled us to successfully deliver, in more than twenty-four countries, a multi-million USD portfolio of projects on time, while ensuring the delivery of high-quality deliverables, and ultimately ensuring exceptional client satisfaction throughout the various project phases.

To learn more about our Professional Services, please click here to contact our sales team sales@intrasoft.com.jo



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